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Accouting Reports for SGE


  • Process builds on using text accounting file records in $SGE_ROOT/$SGE_CELL/common/accounting
  • man qacct and man accounting
  • convert records into a sql import for a simple flat table based on accounting record format
  • indexes speed search through data and make extraction of elements easier than parsing accounting file
  • down stream matlab code reads information from mysql db and creates graphs

Historical Note

The SGE accounting report workflow was originally built using a mysql based accounting databases and tools from JasperSoft to build visual report.

The motivation to use a mysql db came from ireport's relatively simple capability to generate reasonable graphs. It also seemed like it would fit in with a report generation culture and enable less technical report writers to create reports. The overhead of a complete iReport fabric proved too large a barrier for a small team. We have since migrated to simple text extracts from the mysql DB fed in Matlab. This gives us access to a much richer collection of plots and allows us to reuse expertise in scientific data processing and representation.