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The UABgrid Provisioning project is concerned with building a system that manages the state of UABgrid services and ensures that both system administrative and user initiated requests result in the correct allocation of a resource. This includes the creation of a properly configured account on a compute cluster to support job execution, resource allocation of wikis, blogs, or project tools for users and collaborations, and configuration management of underlying support systems themselves.

In a system context, provisioning is at it's best when it is transparent and dynamic. Given the wide variety of technologies used in assembling the UABgrid system environment, this ideal is not always achievable and is sometimes not practical. The provisioning project documents the provisioning needs of various system components and services with the goal of implementing the processes that can automate these steps.


There are a number of tools that will be leveraged to realize the working system. One of the primary tools we are concentrating on is Bcfg2. It is a powerful configuration management tool that is a promising solution to a number of provisioning issues faced on UABgrid.

Provisioned Components

Provisioning VMware