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The UABgrid Developer configuration is focused providing an integrated environment for the developer's desktop. The focus is Linux systems and specifically on the openSUSE 10.x desktop. It should be possible to adapt this configration to any Linux platform, but these instructions will generally assume a recent openSUSE release (currently 10.3).

Developer Tools

It is important that a UABgrid developer be able to easily build web-based applications in any appropriate language (Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, etc.) to quickly explore their vision for a grid resource. The desktop should be configured to easily support local development of applications. Below are configuration notes for several useful tools:

  • JavaConfig - special configuration instructions for the developer environment after the DesktopInstall
  • TomcatConfig - How to configure tomcat to run on your development desktop.
  • BuildGpir - How to build GPIR to run on your desktop tomcat install.
  • BuildGridSphere - How to build GridSphere to run on your desktop tomcat install.
  • BuildGridSphereWithShibboleth - This is an advanced topic on applying the MAMS patch to Gridsphere 3.0.5 to support Shibboleth authentication
  • EclipseConfig - How to configure Eclipse for use in GridSphere development.
  • GoogleApps - Notes and links about Google Apps
  • WebDevelopmentTools - Notes and links to web development tools
  • ShibbolethConfig - Notes on building and configuring Shibboleth
  • GlobusConfig - Notes on installing Globus Toolkit - 4.2 on the upgraded cheaha, Furthermore contains notes on installing Gridway-5.2

Desktop Configuration

  • DesktopInstall - notes for installling a linux desktop for use in a lab environment
  • DesktopConfig - notes for configuring a linux desktop in a lab environment
  • DesktopSoftware - software considered useful for the desktop experience
  • DesktopHardware - hardware config for the Linux workstation used in the @lab