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Storage City


"Storage City" is the working title for a storage model that facilitates data sharing in a dynamic campus environment. We call it a "storage city" because, as with any city, our storage resources are a collection many different data residencies, from fancy condos, to warehouses, to low-end disposable cost of condos and other data residences. The storage city approach recognizes that storage ownership is highly decentralized at UAB and seeks to support integration through published descriptions of their structure and service goals. This should support interfacing them with the campus cyberinfrastructure and facilitate service transparency and data movement.


The name and some of the concepts are a variation on the condominium storage model being developed at Clemson. In the condo model, storage is structured according to the needs of a specific project. By separating the configuration from its implementation we can develop a layered model that identifies how a specific repository is built (along the lines of what we are already doing on dev.uabgrid). This needn't change the focus of any specific storage acquisition but rather builds a broader framework.


The first member of the Storage City will be the Research Storage System being built by UAB IT. This multi-purpose storage device is design to address a number of needs, including high performance compute buffer space for HPC jobs and project data sharing.

UAB Grid Storage Working Group

UAB IT, Engineering, and CIS are sharing requirements and solutions. We have created a UAB Grid Storage Working Group to help facilitate this investigation.