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How To Set Up Your Own Ceph Cluster

First things first, look over the Ceph Getting Started page. Orient yourself to it's structure so you can navigate around the instructions more easily.

Getting started with Ceph web page

In particular, notice that there are three steps to follow. They will break down like this:

  1. Set up two VMs
  2. Set up Ceph
  3. Use Ceph
    1. As block storage (RBD)
    2. As a file system (CephFS)
    3. As a web object store (web objects: S3 & Swift)

Getting Ceph running only takes step 1 and step 2. Both are simple.

Once this set up is complete, we can moved directly to using Ceph for block storage (step 3a). No further configuration steps are required after step 2. We will simply create volumes and mount them into the file system on the admin node. We will save steps 3b and 3c until later, each of which have some additional configuration steps.

At the highest level, we are going to setup up a simple two node test cluster on our OpenStack fabric.

Before going further, you should quickly read over the quick start guides.

Don't get hung up on the commands. Just notice them. This shouldn't take more than 30 to 60 minutes. It helps to know what we plan to carry out and what we are putting off until later.

The rest of this document is being developed in ticket:234, so you can follow along there for the latest updates or feel free to contribute the next step.


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