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Research Computing Equipment in BEC

Table of Contents

  1. HPC
  2. Network
  3. A/C
  4. Power

A description of the Research Computing equipment located in BEC 155.


We have 3 racks that are part of the Cheaha cluster hardware providing the following from left to right:

  • 1 rack with 2 x Dell m1000e blade chassis, KMM and a PowerEdge? 2950 (know as Cheaha gen2 hardware, circa 2008)
  • 1 rack with 3 x Dell m1000e blade chassis and a couple switches (known as Cheaha gen3 hardware, circa 2010)
  • 1 rack half full with Dell rack mount servers (4 x R710, 3 x R610, 3 x R620, KMM, 3 switches and an MD3000 PowerVault?) (Cluster head node, SSG large memory nodes (gen4), DDN MDS, and other support services)

HPC hardware


There are 3 IT managed switches that will need to be moved:

  • 2 Brocade Fiber Channel switches used to access the DDN hardware in RUST
  • 1 Foundry FastIron? SuperX that is part of the 10Gbit Research Network ring

Network switches


There are three AC units in 155. 2 are 30 ton units and one is a 25 ton.

30 ton AC 25 ton AC


There are 2 PDI brand PDU's that are wired into the UPS:

PDU for cluster PDU spare

And lastly the UPS is a 400 kVA unit.