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The site is the hosting platform for our wiki's.

Using Docs

Use of the wiki platform is via the default MediaWiki interface at

Admining Docs

Docs was originally built on a Debian platform. Here are the two historical documents that document it's original configuration and some updated utilization.

Theming Docs

The wikis on the docs platform are based on the mediawiki skin Vector, which is also the skin for the wikipedia site. To align docs wikis with UAB website's layout and styling, we are modifying the mediawiki vector theme to conform to UAB's joomla theme, which we are calling as UabVector. This theme is currently in beta-phase and is available here.

Notes on development of the uabvector theme are here.

Development API

More advanced users will be able to control the wiki platform via it's API by using client utilities. Some examples below.

A quick Guide to Pywikipediabot is a popular set of client utilities for managing wiki content. Most of introductory set of the pywikipediabot documentation is focused on installing and configuring the client. This is useful but there is some confusion on where to install the tools along with some possibly bad advice: run it on the server that hosts wiki and put the app the root of the Mediawiki install. I'm assuming it can (and should be run) from a client that doesn't have any access to the hosting platform.

On the main Pywikipediabot page the Overview, Quick Start Guide, and Installation links are useful but have the taste of instructions for a specific site, eg. the wikimedia foundation's sites. The by third-party wikis is the doc that has the right perspective and should possibly be combined with Mac install, since that's clearly a client side install.

The Basic use gives a sense of the workflow with Pywikipediabot but Scripts is the place to learn the functions and get a sense of the utility of this tool.

An example use case is automatic copying of the public domain Mediawiki help documentation into a new wiki.

The Communication section title is confusing. This is just the project contact information. The Communication section title is confusing. This is just the project contact information.