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DevOps Weekly Meeting | December 3, 2013

Time & Location: 10:10am-11:10pm in LHL164


tanthony, jpr, mhanby, billb, dmclean, phil, lowen

2013-12-03 Agenda

  • Connecting SRI lab to rnet
  • Storage VLAN to HSV
  • Update network performance testing for OpenStackPlusCeph fabric


Connecting labs to the research net, performance expectations, options for future connectivity straight through RCS fw fabric, updates on HSV link and performance testing.


Reviewed remaining issue to connect SRI lab to rnet for improved bandwidth.

We need to clarify a few questions

  • what is the router adddress on their side, their workstation, our local addresses
  • are they using any of the proposed address range on their net, what's the real netmask, so we can do arp reliably
  • what is the end point connection, firewall/router/internal net. informative but not critical since we will map addresses explicitly

Sketch of connectivity for sri2rnet lab hookup

Updated status on the HSV link for storage. We will start with one vlan on the link for the storage external network. We will need two vlans in HSV for internal and external storage network. Will continue to piggy back on the existing path for the idrac controller cards.

detail of rnet to HSV link

Updated diagram for the network performance tests. We have added the two new login nodes that arrive in Sept after having to get spare Broadcomm network interfaces cards to link to the SuperX. We have update Intel cards on order to allow direct connection to the Force10. Currently both login nodes are capable of running clean tests at reference speeds on the SuperX fabric, login-02 is running Oracle Linux 6.4 with kernel 3.8 and login-01 has been tested with CentOS6.4 stock kernel. We will install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on login-01 to match configuration of OpenStackPlusCeph fabric nodes and retest.

Updated network performance test map