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DevOps Weekly Meeting | October 15, 2013

Time & Location: 10:0am-11:30pm in LHL164


tanthony, jpr, mhanby, billb

2013-10-15 Agenda


  • User Questions
    • Git use in code refactoring or personal projects
  • Research Storage
    • ceph storage tests in cluster
      • performance tuning
        • work on ticket:236 to get a solid baseline for network and block storage access from ceph to the cluster
    • ceph storage cluster in HSV
      • pending: construction of vlan fabric to hsv to remain outside campus core
  • Crashplan Pilot
    • Extend pilot to Nov 5
    • expand backend storage to support pilot users
  • OpenStackPlusCeph
    • connect dashboard to campus
      • need access to dashboard so groups can start testing and using the openstack fabric


Went over example git scenario highlighting the utility of --no-ff (no fast forward) merges to retain the visual branch history in gitk. This is very useful for identifying meta-patterns in your workflow and makes navigation of your history easier.