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DevOps Weekly Meeting | October 8, 2013

Time & Location: 10:45am-11:30pm in LHL164


tanthony, jpr, mhanby

2013-10-01 Agenda


  • Research Storage
    • ceph storage tests in cluster
      • nas-01 connectivity to admin vlan for ceph pool access resolved. Use centos with kernel 3.11 from el-repo. abandoned brocade converged enhanced network because of non-working kernel drivers. moved spare 10G interface card in place after the original 10g card wasn't working.
      • ceph version 0.61 is installed, upgraded to dumpling client on nas-01
      • created storage for jpr and rsync'd existing home (ticket:231)
      • created nfs mounts from new ceph-based home from nas-01 and test local dir on nas-01 to head node.
    • ceph storage cluster in HSV
      • pending: manual install of centos 6 like gluster in hvill, jpr needs to respond on clarifications
  • Crashplan Pilot
    • Extend pilot to Nov 5
    • expand backend storage to support pilot users
  • OpenStackPlusCeph
    • will work on admin node to connect to public network for dns and ntp connectivity

  • old pending issues
    • ai: need to create a uab public to floating-public translation table
    • ai: need to embed table in DNS
    • ai: jpr: apply changes to ceph read caching, requires nova-compute restart. pending understanding crowbar and chef
    • todo: we need access to the admin node interface via the controller
  • dspace report.
    • ai: jpr: need to complete draft


Go over steps for mounting ceph on nas-01, upgraded client to dumpling and map out the paths on nas-01 for mounting in and NFS export. Set up the NFS exports to the head node to allow comparison of existing home dir infrastructure with Ceph-based back end.