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DevOps Weekly Meeting | September 24, 2013

Time & Location: 10am-11:30pm in LHL164


tanthony, jpr, pavgi, mhanby, billb

2013-09-24 Agenda


  • Storage and Backup
    • manual install of centos 6 like gluster in hvill
  • NGS/Galaxy
    • Curtish and Jpr have learned some of the ropes
  • Lustre
    • ai: mhanby: on offline nodes miraculously solved it self after after several reboots and time, ticket with ddn archived in case it happens again
  • Research Computing Day set for Sept 26
    • Bootcamp
      • Getting Started with HPC
        • Do's & Don'ts
      • Apps
        • Available Apps
        • Add your own Apps
        • Graphical Apps
      • Mobile Computing
        • Cluster Desktops
        • Screen
      • Help Desk
    • HPC Users Group Meeting
      • Introducing the Cloud
      • Discussion Forum
  • OpenStackPlusCeph
    • will work on nas-01 connection to admin network so it can be a storage gateway to public and cluster nets
    • will work on admin node to connect to public network for dns and ntp connectivity
    • Grizzly upgrade (on hold)

  • old pending issues
    • Fix rcs-srv-02 NAT rules
    • ai: need to create a uab public to floating-public translation table
    • ai: need to embed table in DNS
    • ai: need an ubuntu desktop image in glance. may require contortion of launching vm with iso or getting iso in glance and then installing into a volume and then launch a subsequent instance from that volume
    • ai: jpr: apply changes to ceph read caching, requires nova-compute restart. pending understanding crowbar and chef
    • todo: we need access to the admin node interface via the controller
    • todo: we need to engage with dell on crowbar limitation on storage use, don't know if we get improvements from storage.
  • dspace report.
    • ai: jpr: need to complete draft


Go over steps for nas-01 connectivity and how to create lvm volumes for home dirs built out of Ceph. NEed to configure force10 and nas-01 today.

Went over the hvill connection and will take vlan495 to the storage nodes in hvill. Will manifest the huntsville nodes for testing raw ceph install. This will help us compare the fabric approaches and will provide storage env for crashplan test. We will add ceph-osd, ceph-client vlan names.