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DevOps Weekly Meeting | July 2, 2013

Time & Location: 10am-1:00pm in LHL164


tanthony, jpr, pavgi, billb

2013-07-02 Agenda


  • OpenStackPlusCeph
    • we have our public IP's assigned, need to now map the changes in rcsfw to make the VM IP range accessible
    • ai: need to create a uab public to floating-public translation table
    • ai: need to embed table in DNS
    • read crowbar users guide as an intro to Chef. then learn chef.
    • reviewed how to access admin tools
    • storage billing at 100G increments approved. next up is how to poll for usage. each person needs to be a tenant.
    • ai: need an ubuntu desktop image in glance. may require contortion of launching vm with iso or getting iso in glance and then installing into a volume and then launch a subsequent instance from that volume
    • ai: jpr: apply changes to ceph read caching, requires nova-compute restart. pending understanding crowbar and chef
    • todo: we need access to the admin node interface via the controller
    • todo: we need to engage with dell on crowbar limitation on storage use, don't know if we get improvements from storage.
  • matlab
    • how to handle large data set with multiple features
    • in ram but with millions of data point we aren't getting to the GB boundary so not a big issue
  • clcgenomics trial
    • sge need to finish atlab:ticket:659 config for getting clcsrv jobs reserved nodes
    • will keep plugging on with clc and determine point where public demo can go forward.
    • seems more geared toward small lab or groups. it let's you run local, on the GS itself or the grid. might be hazardous to GS server health from a naive user.
  • ngs notes -- one of the workflows
    • you get data and do a foward and reverse read
    • fastq groomer
    • forward read fastq
    • backward read fastq
    • put them together and that's your aligment
    • this uses sam file
    • the process sam file with picard and samtools, sam2bam
    • gives bam file which is viewed using visualization tool, igv
  • galaxy update
    • all tools available for migration are migrated to the toolshed
    • galaxy-dev will move to next week
    • set date for galaxy upgrade
  • dspace report
    • overview of archival, experience with pilot, (labor intensive and implementation support), now there is netplus, future of storage looks bright
    • pavgi has draft, need to work through editing phase