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DevOps Weekly Meeting | June 18, 2013

Time & Location: 10am-12:00pm in LHL164


mhanby, pavgi, billb, tanthony

2013-06-18 Agenda

  • DS0 Security policy for OpenStack
    • Need a face to face meeting with DSO
  • Account requests for CLC Genomics trials (new requests almost every week)
    • starting with init.d does not make any difference
    • Pending account request from Young Gun Yoo - more details required
    • Account for Caitlin Buckhaults - require openidp account
    • Reply from CLC that they are working on it -probably timeout issue (bugfix soon)
  • webapp-O2 certificate expires in 10 days (localhost.crt)
    • Can UAB issue certificates?
    • Running login, blog, and docs
    • Revisit webapp-02 configuration
  • Galaxy update
    • Shantanu has updated Galaxy will merge and push it out this week
    • Replicate the tools (/share/apps/galaxy/) directory - check migration/upgrade and push tools directory back
    • Virtual compute nodes for galaxy On Ceph (through rocks) - Network DHCP requests go to OpenStack
  • OpenStack
    • admin node as DNS server
    • we have an open issue with DELL to change gateway and DNS servers
    • Security concerns- Virtual machines can ssh directly into core servers (every body knows crowbar defaults)
    • Using more secure passwords for critical accounts, locking down the firewalls on core servers
  • Login nodes for Cheaha
    • No confirmation from Keith about order status
  • Wifi access for interns for Summer 2013 - JPR has contacted ASKIT