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DevOps Weekly Meeting | April 30, 2013

Time & Location: 11am-12:30am in LHL164


mhanby, tanthony, jpr, pavgi. billb

2013-04-30 Agenda

  • Agenda bash
  • OpenStackPlusCeph
    • "Public" network connected to superX (vlan494)
    • Perf numbers on containers
    • Setup nas-01 to serve up jpr and mhanby home off Ceph
    • schedule calls to initiate support contracts
  • COMSOL on lmgr.uabgrid
  • CLC test on Cheaha
  • Galaxy update
    • prep for pavgi absence
  • Luster space
    • recover space from garbage collect of restored files
  • Service window
  • move projects vm to cloud-02
  • Ubuntu KVM tests
  • Updates
    • Shantanu is working on Puppet configs for postgres, supporting postgres query, and provisioning galaxy with distinct db server


Discuss how to extend vlan494 into the superX fabric so we can reach the OpenStackPlusCeph fabric.