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DevOps Weekly Meeting | February 19, 2013

Time & Location: 11am-12:30am in LHL164


mhanby, tanthony, jpr, pavgi. billb, bade

2013-02-19 Agenda

  • Agenda bash
  • Updates
  • Status update on reboot rcs-cloud-01/02
    • lun discovery over weekend did not succeed
    • new luns now added
    • need to move vms individually atlab:ticket:554
  • Research Cloud/Research? Computing System
    • Awaiting updated Jumpstart PO approval
  • Luster updates and issues
    • performance generally normal, need to find cause of load spikes and adjust that workflow
    • documenting different workflow scenarios with /scratch/local and tarballs vs large files on /scratch/user with striping
    • still have a job crash of compute node issue with one user job
    • delete recovered files for galaxy
      • need to work on a job script to split the 140k files in to multiple chunks
      • see atlab:ticket:533
  • Data recovery process
    • Develop visualization
    • onhold for Ceph file system
  • trial
    • recruiting participants for trial