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DevOps Weekly Meeting | January 29, 2013

Time & Location: 11am-12:30am in LHL164


mhanby, tanthony, jpr, pavgi. billb, dls

2013-01-29 Agenda

  • Agenda bash
  • Updates
  • Overview
  • Research Cloud/Research? Computing System
    • Overview of Ceph configuration docs by mhanby
    • Crowbar is being investigated by pavgi
    • Network sketch of Ceph install
    • Awaiting Jumpstart proposal from Dell
  • Luster updates and issues
    • Space issues: one OST is down to 88Gb
  • Data recovery process
    • Development needed
  • ScaleMP and large memory nodes
    • contract questions
  • trial
    • Who manages trial?
  • Communities for feedback
    • Genomics
    • Brain Sciences
    • Chemistry, Biology,


Spent most of meeting talking through an overview of the openstack+ceph install approach based on white paper recommendations.