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DevOps Weekly Meeting | August, 28 2012

Time & Location: 11am-12:30am in LHL164


2012-08-28 Agenda

  • Agenda bash
  • Research Computing Day 2012
    • Distribution of announcement
    • ai: dls will send to atlab-priv for further distribution
  • Virtual Machines
    • Defining secure container
      • discuss solutions for controlling traffic, will use distinct IP net with, same problem exists though so still need to control traffic with ebtables/iptables/routing table combo
    • Assign public IP to third party -- routing across subnets
      • ai: billb: create kintana ticket
  • Research storage pilot
    • loop devices vs. LVM
      • test LVM and block-level replication still needed
      • crash plan still to go
    • we are willing to do at level 1
      • dropbox-free supports sync does not
      • need to understand sharing via and authz & controls for over-users
    • TimeMachine? use case testing -- update
      • good use case for app development and infrastructure devel
      • ai: jpr: will contact desktop support about their
      • open issues
        • how to define interfaces into a lab network
        • dealing with large files on the research storage
  • HPC mailing list config
  • Backup scripts for apps failing due to account deactivation
    • workshop on Thursday
    • ai: tanthony to introduce tom@matlab
    • ai: tanthony contact eng student with activation issue
  • Puppet
    • pavgi added notes to dev wiki on next gen puppet use with modules
    • we are using 2.6 but most modules dev'd on 2.7



The past few meetings we have been discussing creating secure virtual containers. The green boxes in the diagram below are the core of the resource that will be made available on our virtualization fabric.

Secure virtual containers with virtual networks