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DevOps Weekly Meeting | June, 12 2012

Time & Location: 11am-12am in LHL164


mhanby, pavgi, ppreddy tanthony, jpr

2012-06-12 Agenda

  • Agenda bash
  • Updates
  • App install process
  • Security documentation update
  • Research storage use
  • Docs migration
  • Researcher support
    • Neurology workflow
    • File system perf tests


Most of the meeting was spent discussing an application install process for putting apps on the cluster in /share/apps (the app store). The process was outlined on the whiteboard (below) and is focused on minimal requirements to package an app for our platform. The basic requirement is the tarball from upstream, a script to record the build and install command, and a module file to make the app available to users on the cluster. The app is defined via a registration. This could be a git repo with hooks that trigger the build/test/install process. The app pkg is the artifact created by the user and an app test engine verifies the package and app install engine places the app in /share/apps. The install database would be easy to maintain with an app-spefic RPM DB. We don't want to make people build an RPM but our minimal app-pkg could be converted to one.

This is a process that we would follow for our own installs of applications and we want to make it available to all users of the cluster.

There is potential for a /share/apps/u/$USER naming scheme to enable an ownership and social component of the app space (who provides better apps) and exposing the apps git registry via a trac-driven interface.

We should recognize that this isn't he only way to get an app to run on the system. Apps can be in a user private spaces ($HOME) and would follow what ever conventions are appropriate. They could also be staged as part of the job context, a use case common in grid scenarios. This latter use case, on-demand app availability, is in fact the "ideal" case and any installing represents a pre-staging or convenience caching of apps. These approaches are very common to grid scenarios where apps are prestaged if they represent an overhead to stage with the job.


Please see the images below for details

2012-06-12 devops apps install rcs process

2012-06-12 devops apps install rcs process whiteboard