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DevOps Weekly Meeting | May, 8 2012

Time & Location: 11am-12am in LHL164


jpr, mhanby, pavgi, ppreddy, tanthony, bade, dls, billb, puri

2012-05-08 Agenda

  • Agenda bash
  • Internet2 Net+ Services
  • Research Storage Pilot goals
  • Condor Week 2012 review
  • OSG: firewall builder update


We had a catchup style meeting and discussed goals for our research storage project.

Action items:

  • jpr - set up pre-meeting for research storage project
  • billb - get update on 40TB add research storage
  • billb - circulate firewall builder rules for globus services


Please see the raw notes and whiteboard diagram below.

2013-05-08, DevOps, meeting notes, Internet2, storage pilot, condorweek

2013-05-08, DevOps, whiteboard, condor, OSG, XSEDE, cheaha, webapps