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DevOps Weekly Meeting | April, 3 2012

Time & Location: 11am-12am in LHL164


jpr, mhanby, pavgi, ppreddy, tanthony

2012-04-03 Agenda

  • Agenda bash
  • DSO web application testing
  • Puppet dev/test environment
  • Documentation - document modules on cheaha


The meeting focused on the DSO test of WordPress. We treated the discussion as a "hosted application" use case and stepped through the requirements for this use case.


WordPress is the code-base behind the blogs service of UABgrid. The UAB IT DSO would like to assess the security profile of this service. Hosting an instance of blogs for this test should be no different than hosting the instance for normal operation or any other development need. We already host our operational instance of blogs in a similar manner but this effort provides an opportunity to improve the provisioning steps and identify short comings in the deployment fabric.

The paper notes for this meeting are light. We spent most of our time diagramming on the whiteboard and developing the todo list for addressing the requirements. Most of the useful notes are on the whiteboard.

A little guidance on the image content. The left side highlights the VM fabric of the Research Computing System (RCS) that hosts this and other application instances. The dsotest fabric will leverage a distinct webapp and mysql farm instance to isolate the impact of the testing. We'll keep all log traffic local on these servers so we don't pollute our operational log fabric with the dsotest traffic. The dsotest fabric will be exposed through an IP/domain that to facilitate future on-demand testing. The elements drawn in red are an overlay use case for future services to research labs. They are not part of the dsotest.

On the right side of the whiteboard in green are the todo items to support the dsotest. Many of these todo items are general requirements for instantiating any application, e.g. developing mysql farm failover capabilities or other development needs.

In the center of the whiteboard in blue and black text are example URL namespaces that exist or will exist within our RCS.