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     1The core cluster includes the infrastructure needed to operation manage UABgrid.  The cluster is currently composed of two vm hosting computational platforms and a data store.  The core cluster hosts the identity management, vo management, job control, and key collaboration applications for UABgrid. 
     3It is envisioned that this core will support redundancy via services hosted at multiple sites. This is a long range plan and not part of the initial infrastructure. 
     5= Hardware = 
     7The existing hardware components are: 
     9 * 2 Dell 2950s with 8Gb RAM 300 Gb SATA drives 
     10 * 1 Dell 1950 that acts as a multi-protocol NAS front-ends 
     11 * 1 6TB Dell/EMC disk array 
     13Hardware that is still required to complete the platform is a serial console server and a 24-port 1Gbs switch with a 10Gbs uplink.  This will enable to core cluster to be integrated with the research network backbone and support high performance file staging. 
     15== Dell 2950s Hardware Details == 
     17The 2950's have a [ DRAC 5 controller card] installed for remote control of the system. 
     19== Software Details == 
     21=== CentOS4.5 === 
     23=== openSUSE 10.2 === 
     25 * Installing linux remotely - openSUSE supports [ linuxrc] which you can use to specify install parameters that allow you to connect to the installation process remotely via SSH or VNC.  When SSH is used, you'll be able to run the yast installer inside a screen session so you can come and go as needed.  VNC offers similar access as well, of course.  The command line to start a configured network install is 
     27HostIP=x.x.x.x/16 Gateway=x.x.x.x Nameserver=x.x.x.x SSH=1 SSHPassword=mypassword